Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I delete or download files I uploaded?

Once files are uploaded to Theranostics Australia's portal, only staff of Theranostics Australia can view or modify them.

Where are my files stored?

Secure Australian datacentres are used to store all information received by Theranostics Australia.

How are my files secured?

Theranostics Australia uses industry standard encryption for data transfer and storage.

Can I refer myself if I live in Australia?

No, if you are an Australian resident you need to follow the usual process to access Australian healthcare and be referred by your GP or specialist. Your GP or specialist will set up their own registration with Theranostics Australia and provide us with your details and information.

I’d like some more information about Theranostics to consider whether it is right for me, what do I do?

Check out our website for further information, look at the videos, research and papers we provide. If you have further questions fill in the enquiry box or call us to discuss on +61 8 9091 1081. If you have a specific medical enquiry we can arrange a telephone or skype initial consult with one of our doctors free of charge.

I am having trouble using the secure portal to upload my information and images, can you help?

Yes. If you are an Australian resident you will be unable to register your own account and will need your GP or specialist to refer you. If you are an overseas patient having trouble, give us a call and we can talk you through the process.

I am a medical provider and I’ve registered, what happens now?

An email confirming your registration will be sent to you. You will then be able to login and refer patients.

I am a medical provider from outside Australia and don’t have an Australian provider number.

No problem, leave the value as 0 in the provider number box.



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